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Indigenous Trail & Adventure Guide to the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula. Conquering the Bruce Trail, SON Territory and beyond one hike at a time! 

Aanii boozhoo, Caley N’dishnikaaz, Ajijaak Doodem, Zaagiing Neyaashiingmiing N’donjibaa.

Hello, my name is Caley Patrick Doran. My clan is crane clan. I am from the Saugeen Peninsula surrounded by water on three sides.

Until recently, I was an experienced restaurant General Manager who led large teams and provided impeccable service to Canadian and International clientele.

I am now following my heart and I am travelling a new path.

I am now an Indigenous Trail & Adventure Guide to the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula where I hike the Bruce Trail, SON Territory and beyond! 

I am passionate about nature, ecology, sustainability and conservation of our beautiful territory.

As a professional Indigenous Hiking Guide, I’m here to introduce you to the sights, sounds, and incredible experiences that await you on your travels as we follow the footsteps of our ancestors.

I come from a long line of Indigenous storytellers and I feel led to seek the knowledge, history, stories, legends and old way of life throughout our territory.

Please join me in getting outside in nature while using our bodies to travel the land as our ancestors did.

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Indigenous Hiking Guide

I love meeting people from all over the world, and I make it my mission to provide memorable, curated guided hikes and experiences for my hikers. 

I decided to become a professional Hiking Guide in 2021 and haven’t stopped exploring since!  When I’m not busy guiding, I spend my time researching and exploring new options to help keep my guided hikes fresh, interesting and relevant - which means returning hikers will discover something new every time they adventure with me. Take a look at what I offer and get in touch if you would like to work with me. I can’t wait to show you the world as I see it.  

My story;

I am Indigenous, Anishinaabe.

My family is from Neyaashiinigmiing Indian Reserve 27, Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation. 

I come from a long line of Indigenous storytellers, artists and leaders(Wilmer Nadjiwon, Basil Johnston, Verna Johnston, Nyle Johnston(Miigizi). 

I live and travel between Saugeen and Nawash(Cape Croker) Reserves and hike our traditional territory daily(Saugeen Ojibway Nation).

I am an avid hiker on the Saugeen (Bruce) Peninsula. I have been camping and hiking on the peninsula since I was 5 years old. I moved back to Bruce County three years ago after managing restaurants and large teams in different cities. Until recently I was the General Manager at Grey Bruce's busiest restaurant, the Walker House in Southampton.

I am interested in conservation, nature, photography, discovering new places, learning and sharing our Indigenous history.

I bring visitors to our area together to adventure off the beaten trail while learning more about the trail, conservation, sustainably, our local ecology, Indigenous stories, legends and history.

Hiking is a year-round activity in our area. Many popular tourism locations are too busy to accommodate everyone during peak season. My guided hikes lead visitors to lesser-known trail locations during the shoulder and peak seasons.

I curate packages and programs to meet any groups hiking needs based on the group size, fitness level, difficulty and length of the journey.

On the trail we begin with a traditional Ojibway greeting and thanks, land acknowledgment, set intent and connection to the earth with a mindful mediation connecting our bodies and minds together as one with the earth and nature, discuss and identify animals, plants and fungi and their Indigenous names.

We discuss traditional Ojibway stories, legends, beings, symbols and how they relate to contemporary life. At the end of the curated hike I invite hikers to leave their worries behind while taking the energy of nature with them into their daily lives.

I am always learning more about our area, our ancestors and culture. I have an educational piece as part of the hiking experience and share knowledge of conservation and sustainable tourism on the peninsula while also sharing Indigenous names for plants, trees and animals that we may see along the trail. I would like to pass on the knowledge of Indigenous peoples, storytellers, elders and my families history in our area.

I have started to volunteer my time to lead Scouts, Beavers, Cubs, Sparks and Brownies groups to inspire a lifelong connection with nature and to better understand our surrounding Indigenous communities and way of life.

The Take-A-Hike Trail Guide experience will motivate all-season visitors and tourists from outside our area, across the border and international clientele looking to explore our backyard.

I recently won a Spark Tourism Innovation and Skode Indigenous Tourism grant and I am using the mentorship to create connections and build a larger network. A strong network will be key to finding business during all seasons while supporting other businesses over the peak summer season.

I am seeking more knowledge from Indigenous tourism businesses in order to better understand cultural authenticity and best practices.

I am passionate about sharing knowledge of our area while promoting the conservation of our Saugeen Ojibway Nation territory and how to sustain growth in our natural areas.

I share my knowledge of Indigenous culture to continue to establish and maintain a mutually respectful relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.



Unforgettable Experiences



$55 per person

You could explore new places on your own, but you’d miss out on so much! Take-A-Cave Challenge with me and learn just how much exploring with a knowledgeable and professional Hiking Guide can add to your travel experience.

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South Bruce Peninsula, ON, Canada